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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 4AM  FOX  August 10, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. ((walter ahead this hour: police training turns ?tragic... for an innocent woman. ((vanessaback to normal?that's what delta is hoping today... as it recovers from massive computer issues. and we've got a check on this morning's tampa flights. ((walter plus: a happy day for parents... a ?not so happy day for the kids. this is ?first day of school... for much of the bay area! ((walter)) good morning.. and welcome to good day tampa bay... at 4:00. i'm walter allen. ((vanessa)) and i'm vanessa ruffes... in for jen. those stories in a minute, but now, a first look at your "skytowar radar"
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developing in charlotte county this morning: a horrible situation at a citizen police academy. a 73-year old woman is shot and killed... during a training exercise at the punta gorda police department. "mary knowlton" and another person were picked randomly for a role playing scenario where an officer had to decide whether to shoot... or not shoot. nolon was mistakenly hit with a ?live round, and later died. the
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broadcast live on facebook overnight:' the officer who shot the woman is the officer who the officer who shot the woman is and the f-d-l-e is handing the investigation. fox 13's shayla reaves will be covering this story for us this morning. she's heading down to punta gorda... and will bring us live updates throughout the morning. a tarpon springs family lost their home... but not their lives... after a big fire. the fire started at this mobile home on saint charles drive. it took firefighters from both tarpon springs and palm harbor to put out the flames. the home was already fully involved
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the home were able to make it out safely. the red cross is helping the family with a place to stay. and another family survived a fire... the husband woke up in the middle of the night, and saw flames coming from the bathroom. he quickly woke up the rest of his family and all ?six of them got out safely. the homeowners are afraid they lost just about everything in the fire though, including their family photographs. the family believes an electrical panel outside the bathroom may have caught fire somehow. investigators are looking into that possibility. tampa police are searching for some ?very busy burglars. at least 22 homes have been broken into... in the south tampa area alone. this is surveillance video from the latest house on monday. the thief is speaking spanish on a cell phone, and wearing gloves and a gray sweatsuit. police believe the crooks are working in sophisticated teams.
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working quickly, during the daytime... making it very difficult, to track them down: the group was seen leaving the victim's house monday in a blue kia forte. but police believe they're switching out cars regularly-- to avoid detection. (vanessa/ some pasco county neighborhoods are still dealing with flooding.. pumps and crews are working hard to clear roads and overloaded drains.((more)) about 30 roads in pasco county are having some sort of flooding issue right now. the pumps are helping in the ?short term... but neighbors are desperate for the long-term solution. fox 13's haley hinds has the latest now, from port richey many people who move to florida dream of waterfront property.27:07-09we moved from portland, oregon area.but not like this.27:13-20we moved down here figuring we'd get the bright sunny skies. possibly a little bit of rain but this is a little bit more than we bargained for. overwhelming.days of steady rain...16:54-55it's badhave turned parts of ironbark drive in port richey into extensions of an overflowing retention pond.28:38-45we have to walk along the side of other houses, bring in extra water, really not the best way to live in this point in time 27:58-01in this day and age, this really shouldn't happen county officials know it's a chronic problem.10:24-35that particular area is prone to flooding because it's aging
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particular one case, there is no real infrastructure right where it's at. so we have been taking it out all day by way of truck all day longand in other areas like trinity's thousand oaks community -- which is only seeing mild street flooding -- the county installed a temporary 6-inch pipe, moving water away from a bogged down sewer3:31-33it helps, it helpsthose are all short term the long term, the county is promising transparency and permanent relief for people on ironbark drive.first -- the watershed flood mapping project is close to completion, meaning current of and future residents will know the risks related to their properties.and second -- the county has contracted a consultant to develop a plan that would take water north through a culvert would cost 2.5 million dollars, of about 7 homes. 18:07-09i'll believe it when i see it. for now... all neighbors can do is keep their eyes on the water level and wait for drier days.30:09-14it all comes down the money, but they need to do the right
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the proposal for the ironbark drive plan will be presented at an october meeting. and the good news -- with this most recent flooding -- is that no homes have gotten water ?inside. those cleanup on standby, in case more heavy rain moves in. the zika threat in south florida isn't going away anytime soon. four ?more local cases were just confirmed on tuesday. that brings the total to 21. all four of those new cases were found in north miami... in the same area where the ?first local case was discovered. planes have been flying over the neighborhood dropping insecticides, hoping to kill off the mosquitoes that carry the virus. health
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door-to-door with testing kits. and the zika update came just as hillary clinton was doing a campaign stop in miami. clinton called on congress to approve more zika funding. she also blamed the republicans for the slow response. clinton also visited a miami neighborhood clinic handling zika cases. the house passed a one-point- one billion dollar compromise package before going on an august break... but it got stuck in the senate over restrictions on planned parenthood funding. donald trump ?today... also talking about zika. an update now, on all those computer concerns at delta airlines. the company says the outlook for ? looking a ?lot better. they only expect about ninety canceled flights this morning. after that... things are expected to get back to normal. that's a big shift from yesterday, when another 775 flights were canceled nationwide. the problems started on monday when delta had a power outage at it's atlanta hub. that caused all delta flights to be
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offered refunds to anyone who had their flight canceled this week... or significantly delayed. they're also offering a two hundred dollar travel voucher. and a check at tampa international this morning shows at least ?two delta flights canceled... and five delays. today in tampa: it could get a lot more ?expensive, for ride-sharing companies to operate here. the hillsborough county public transportation commission is expected to vote on raising ?fines for those companies and drivers. that includes could also add new rules for the drivers including mandatory background checks and vehicle inspections. fines for drivers who ?don't pass those checks could jump to nine ?hundred dollars. and the companies could be fined 400 dollars per vehicle. ((more)) and even if they're approved... the changes could be a long way away. ridesharing companies are not actually regulated by hillsborough county right now. "uber" is challenging whether the p-t-c even has the ?authority to make these
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?dreading for months: the school bell. it's the first day of school for at least ?six bay area counties. including one of the biggest school districts in the ?country... hillsborough. and here's a look at all the counties going back to school today. along with hillsborough and pinellas... there's citrus, hardee, hernando, highlands, and manatee. ?not on this list: polk and pasco... which go back to school next monday. and sarasota county, which goes back to school later next week. fox 13's ken suarez is heading he'll join us live in a little bit... to see how they're preparing. the school district in manatee county had a creative way to get their ?youngest students ready for the new year. over the summer, several elementary schools held "play dates." it was a chance for kids to meet their new teachers and classmates... ?away from campus. instead, they went to area playgrounds. it helped make the transition a lot less stressful. and hernando county has an extra ?perk for students
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actually have their own ?coffee cafes. the county started up the program at several area high schools... offering students and staff specialty coffee and espresso drinks. and the cafes are actually run by special-needs students. it's a program that helps them prepare for coffee shop jobs... in the real world. and we know a lot of parents will be bringing their cameras along for that first day of school. so why not share those adorable photos with us? just post them to facebook , instagram or twitter... with the hashtag: "good day t-b." and we'll on good day, all morning long. later this half hour in sports: the summer olympics are ?far from over. but we may have seen the two best ?athletes in america... last night. we have highlights, from their golden night. plus... we'll meet one boy who's really ?mowing on a mission. the simple
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for school.
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?? ?? ?? ? ba da ba ba ba ? break 1: 2:00break 2: 1:45 break 3: 1:40endbrk: 1:30 rhyme making political headlines this morning: yet ?another questionable comment from donald trump. and it's providing the perfect ?ammunition for his critics: trump set off the latest social media firestorm on tuesday. at a rally in wilington, north carolina... he seemed to suggest that hillary clinton should be dealt with ?harshly.. should she defeat him in november.
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the second amendment of course... is the right to bear arms. the clinton campaign calls the remarks "dangerous". although trumps campaign says he was talking about ?voting... not using guns. the speaker of the house... is staying put. paul ryan ?easily won his primary race last night in wisconsin. he beat his primary challenger seventy percent. ryan has represented the district for the past 16 years. there were ?some questions about the race though, when donald trump ?delayed endorsing ryan. trump eventually did... on friday. a water park in kansas city is expected to re-open today at noon... for the first time since a deadly accident. on sunday, 10- year old caleb schwab died while riding the world's ?tallestte. at the "schlitterbahn" pa. investigators are blaming the boys' death on a neck injury.
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women... when it flew up a hill and tossed him out. he hit his head on some netting and died. the two women suffered facial injuries. the actual water park reopens today... but that slide will be closed for the rest of season. and now.. to a young boy in north carolina whose making a difference, just by mowing lawns. tyran bell offered to cut grass in his charlotte community over the summer, to help pay for his school supplies. his family is going through a rough time. his uncle is recovering from an accident, causing his mother to miss a lot of work. a local business heard about tyran's goal... and opened a donation site for him. not only did tyran get all ?his school supplies, but he got a ton more... to donate to other needy students.
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? ? ? this is the sweetest thing anyone's ever done. that one's from my friend caitlyn. "you always encouraged me to go after my dreams. well, it's my turn now.
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time to talk some sports this morning... and another big night at the summer olympics. b aion gymnasts. ettart wwhat was a surprise to no one. the u-s women's gymnastics team
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and to no one's surpise they held on to that lead to capture their second straight gold medal in the all- around. there will be a big change to the team four years from now at the 2020 tokyo olympics... only four team members will take part in that competition. to the pool now... again the name on everyone's lips... "michael phelps". he takes to the pool for the men's 200-meter butterfly final... swimming for redemption after coming in second in the event in london. his career... beating south african "chad le clos". and just 45 minutes later. phelps swims the anchor leg of the eight hundred freestyle relay. it was a close finish, but team u-s-a pulls out the win... and phelps picks up his 21st gold medal. in ?local sports: the tampa bay rays taking on one
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logan forsythe leads another offensive charge for the rays. drew smyly turned in another good performance... 6 innings pitched... and just 6 hits and 2 runs allowed. kiermaier, forsythe, longo, mahtook and souza all drove in runs. rays crush the jays 9-2. and they can ?sweep the jays tonight... up in toronto. and... tim tebow trying for yet ?another comeback this morning. but this time, it's not football. he wants to play professional baseball. tebow has invid ?all major league teams to watch him try out, later this month. tebow hasn't played baseballl since high school, 11 years ago. one team is already all-in... the schaumburg boomers, of the independent frontier league offering the 29 year old a
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when we come back, i'll have another check on your back to school forecast. plus: it could be the ?mother of all estate sales. that's because the state of ?florida is hosting it. why some lost treasures are now up for sale... right here in tampa. introducing new olay eyes. a collection for the look of every eye concern. lift depuff brighten smooth or ultimately all of it. eyes express every emotion, not your age. new olay eyes.
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i pinky promised my little girl a fabulous garden party for her birthday. so i mowed the lawn, put up all the decorations. i thought i got everything. almost everything! you know, 1 in 10 houses could get hit by a septic disaster, and a bill of up to $13,000. but for only $7 a month, rid-x is scientifically proven to
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professionals in their own tanks.
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one person's treasure... can now be ?your treasure. treasure... can now one person's one person's treasure... can now be ?your treasure. florida's unclaimed property is now up for auction.((more)) (vanessa/ lots of people keep stuff in bank safe deposit boxes, but what happens when it's forg over to the state. a lot of it has just been sitting inside a vault in tallahassee... ?waiting for the owners to pick them up. but the state isn't waiting anymore. (walter/ much of those items are now going up for auction. everthing from gold and silver to watches and jewelry. even silverware! once a safe deposit box has been abandoned for three years, banks send the contents to the state, where items are held for two more years. after that...they auction it off. and the next big auction will be this saturday
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once an item is auctioned off, the rightful owner can ?still come forward and collect the money made from the sale. they just have to ?prove ownership. the auction this saturday is at the tampa marriott westshore. if you want to take part, we have a link in the tv" section of fox still ahead in our next half hour: the latest on a developing story in punta gorda... a woman shot and ?killed by police. how it happened... plus... it's back to school today for ?most of the bay area. fox 13's ken suarez is showing us how ?pinellas county is
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((dave)) we're following a developing situation in charlotte county. a woman has been shot and killed... at a citizen police academy. and it happened during a training exercise. the training took place at the punta gorda police department. "mary knowlton" and another person were picked randomly for a role playing scenario where an officer had to decide whether to shoot... or not shoot. nolon was mistakenly hit with a ?live round, and later died. the police chief gave an


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